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The Last Suit You’ll Ever Put On…. Again.

Back in 1997 I started a website for my company Maryland Organ Service.  I was a place to not only “advertise” the company’s existence, but also to offer a resource for the many people who, at that time, were looking for information about Hammond™ organs and Leslie™ speakers.

In 2005 MOS was “bought out” by Speakeasy Vintage Music, and the site was closed.

It wasn’t long before the emails started pouring in.  Apparently, silently, the site had become a much used resource for the public, and so I recreated the site and re-uploaded it here at my private domain

This site has gone from hand coded in notepad to the now long gone Trellix software, to now WordPress – and I’m sure in all that typing a few errors have crept in.  If you spot any, or you have info I don’t have on one of the models listed here, click the contact link and let me know.

Meanwhile, you can help support this site (without spending a dime) by clicking on one of the “advertisement” links.

Thanks in advance!