This Site

This site seeks to recreate the valuable information once presented on the website of the now defunct Maryland Organ Service, known as “MOSweb Online!” and formerly located at and

Back in 1997 I started a website for my company Maryland Organ Service.  I was a place to not only “advertise” the company’s existence, but also to offer a resource for the many people who, at that time, were looking for information about Hammond™ organs and Leslie™ speakers.

In 2005 MOS was “bought out” by Speakeasy Vintage Music, and the site was closed.

It wasn’t long before the emails started pouring in.  Apparently, silently, the site had become a much used resource for the public, and so I recreated the site and re-uploaded it here at my private domain

This site has gone from hand coded in notepad to the now long gone Trellix software, to now WordPress – and I’m sure in all that typing a few errors have crept in.  If you spot any, or you have info I don’t have on one of the models listed here, click the contact link and let me know.

Meanwhile, you can help support this site (without spending a dime) by clicking on one of the “advertisement” links.

Thanks in advance!