Hammond Model HR-40

Basic Specifications

Amplifier Type
1 Channel Vacuum Tube
Output Power
40 Watts
6 Pin Balanced

Additional Information

(In production October 1948 to February 1960)

The H series tone cabinet are designed for use in all types of installations: church, home, school, and entertainment places. Their response is non-directional, with high frequencies projected vertically and the low frequencies horizontal.

The tone cabinet contains separate amplifier sections for treble and bass response with cross-over point at 200 cycles.

Amplifiers are not interchangeable with amplifiers in other model tone cabinets.

The HR-40 has reverberation on treble section only. Reverberated signal cannot be fed to another tone cabinet.

Earlier models of the H series tone cabinet were equipped with separate treble and bass amplifier units. These amplifiers were later consolidated into one unit.

For weight of earlier units add 31 pounds to figures below.

Finish Walnut or Oak
Dimensions 48″ High, 33-1/8″ Wide, 16-7/8″ Deep
Weight 162lbs