Leslie Model 21H

Basic Specifications

Amplifier Type
1 Channel Vacuum Tube
Output Power
20 or 30 watts**
1 – 15″ Speaker
1 – Compression Driver
1 Speed (Stop/Tremolo)
6 Pin Balanced

Additional Information

The model 122 cabinet is shown at left. The 21H cabinet is very similar in appearance to a 122 or 147, the largest difference is that the upper horn speaks through only one level of louvers.

This model was made specifically for the balanced output of a Hammond “G-G” Console (IE Model B or C).

It is interesting to note that unlike later cabinets, this cabinet featured an ELECTRO-dynamic speaker like 31(A/H/W). What this meant is that the 15″ woofer did not have a permanent magnet, like speakers have today, but rather a large coil of wire which acted as an electromagnet. This coil was also wired in such away that is acted as a filter choke for the amplifier’s power supply

** Power output differs depending on the amplifier version used.