Leslie Model 30C

Basic Specifications

Amplifier Type
1 Channel Vacuum Tube
Output Power
35 Watts
1 – 15″ Speaker
1 – Compression Driver
1 Speed (Stop/Tremolo)
6 Pin Balanced

Additional Information

This is the “Church Version” of the original Leslie Model 30A, a single speed cabinet with no provision for remote control. It is supposed to have had a different rotational speed.

“The church models definitely ran at a different speed. The idea here was that
the standard Leslie tremolo was deeper than that of a traditional pipe organ, so the church models had two openings in each rotor, and ran at half-speed. The result was a tremolo at the same frequency, but with less depth. (Remember that the actual reason for the original Vibratone was to simulate pipe organ tremolo.)” — Bruce Wahler of Ashby Solutions™

The model 30C was made specifically for the balanced output of a Hammond “G-G” Console (IE Model B or C).