Leslie Model DVX-580

Product Image

From the ad copy —

“The Leslie DVX Series Loudspeakers have been created through the cooperative efforts of the acoustic specialists at CBS Laboratories in Stanford, Connecticut and the loudspeaker craftsmen at the Electro Music (Leslie Speaker) Division of CBS in Pasadena, California. The DVX Series loudspeaker system, designed especially for the discriminating music lover and recording expert, embodies advances in loudspeaker design that happen only once in a generation.”

Basically this is a 3 way speaker system, whose midrange and tweeter speakers are on a pivoted baffle. This allows the user to place the speaker almost anywhere and aim the midrange and tweeter to obtain the best sound.

This cabinet is intended for audiophiles and their stereo equipment.

The DVX 570 and 580 are identical except for the cabinetry design.

Amplifier Type None
Output Power 50 Watts Max.
Drum None
Horn None
Speeds None
Interface Phone / Phono ?